Non Technical Guide:-
There is a great vibe in Richmond Studios, it is a very
relaxed yet efficient place to work. The live room can
accomodate upto 14 string players. Check out De Jimbe's
page for other live recording techniques!

As well as a great live sound, the studio is also excellent
for sequencing work, and preferably a mixture of both.

Technical Guide:-

The studio has 2 recording systems both allowing 32 tracks of recording.
The newer system is based around the digi O2 running ProToos. This is digitally linked to the Yamaha 02R desk which has 40 inputs (16 digital and 24 analogue) with dynamics on every channel.
The old sytem has 2 digidesignn 888
Running Opcode Studio Vision, Pro-tools and an array of samplers / synths / hard disk
A very flexible, totally recallable record / mix studio has been implemented.

All hard disk recording is backed up to dvd or DataDat / Exabyte tape.


Monitoring is provided by Genelec 1031A's and Yamaha NS10M's, coffee is supplied
courtesy of Bewleys, tea by Barrys. Biscuits are also available - please provide details
of type required when booking.

So give us a call to come and have a look at this great new studio, for Mastering, Recording
or Mixing. Syncing to film (Beta or Umatic)is in house, and we are in the process
of installing surround sound. The rooms have been professionally acoustically treated, and
the sound is true.