Non Technical Guide:-

Mastering clients enjoy the relaxed, yet efficient
atmosphere at Richmond Studios. Many return as
recording clients having seen and heard what the
studio is capable of.

Your CD can be made to be processed to bevery loud and
sharp at one extreme, to subtle and warm sounding at the
other. Package deals on Mastering / Manufacturing are
offered - the Manufacturing is sent out, and offered at the
current trade prices.

Technical Guide:-

On the Mastering front, TC TX Finalising & Waves plug ins
provide eq, compression, brickwall limiting
(L1 Ultramaximiser). Analogue eq and compression are also available.

Monitoring is provided by Genelec 1031A's and Yamaha NS10M's, coffee is supplied
courtesy of Bewleys, tea by Barrys. Biscuits are also available - please provide details
of type required when booking.

So give us a call to come and have a look at this great new studio, for Mastering,
Recording or Mixing. Syncing to film (Beta or Umatic) is in house, and we are in the
process of installing surround sound. The rooms have been professionally acoustically
treated, and the sound is true.

We can also quote for short run in house C.Dr duplication, with colour on-body printing.